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Vyšná Boca is a little, originally a mining village (altitude 950 m), at the end of the Bocianska dolina (Stork Valley) below Čertovica and Rovná hoľa. It is situated in the Protected Area of the Low Tatras National Park (NAPANT) and is an excellent starting point for the hikes to the Ďumbierske and Kráľovohorské Tatras. In the middle of the 19th century, the village was separated from the former villages Kráľovská and Svätojánska Boca. Meantime it was an administrative part of Nižná Boca. In the past, iron, gold and antimony were mined here, later the inhabitants dealt with agriculture, work in woods and stock-raising. The mining past reminds a chain of big mining houses with courtyard galleries shifting now to holiday cottages. In the village, there is a tolerant church from the year 1785, built at foundations of an older one.


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